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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Bangalore

Many people today face various dental problem affecting their mouth severely which should be treated with a vision of improving their function. The patients may exhibit problems like missing of multiple teeth or large filing in numerous teeth leading to the formation of decayed, broken or worn teeth. These patients may be the candidate for full mouth reconstruction.

People normally interchangeably term it as full mouth reconstruction, full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restoration. This treatment deals with the procedure of restoring or rebuilding all the teeth of upper or lower jaws of patient's mouth.

When to adopt a full mouth reconstruction?

People depend upon full mouth reconstruction due to different kinds of dental issue like;
  • Losing of teeth due to decay or trauma
  • Teeth affected by injury of fracture
  • Teeth get severely worn due to long time acid erosion from foods and beverages
  • Jaw and muscle complaints generating severely headache due to misalignment of bite
  • Problems by popping jaw
  • Problems by locking jaw
Full mouth reconstruction starts from reconstructing the gums, teeth and then the entire mouth.

How beneficial is full mouth reconstruction?

A candidate undergoing a full mouth reconstruction is highly beneficial with certain factors like;
  • Increased comfort
  • Tooth loss or deterioration is virtually stopped
  • Natural biting and chewing capacity is restored
  • Facial appearance is improved
  • Restores the lost lip support
  • Minimises the wrinkles
  • Integrity of facial structure is maintained

How full mouth reconstruction is carried out?

If you are a candidate to have a full mouth reconstruction, at first your doctor will examine your mouth completely using the imaging techniques like photographs and X-ray. Then a perfect impression of your upper and lower jaw is acquired by the doctor. According to the information collected through the images and the impression, your doctor will plan your treatment procedure. This treatment completely makes use of the advanced treatment strategies that will effectively reconstruct the gums, teeth and then the entire mouth. Sometimes more than one procedure will be adopted as the desired result is to be attained. The full mouth reconstruction helps you get relieved from the troubles with biting and chewing.

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