Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Dental Implant : A Reason To Start A New Smile

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root which is implanted into the jaw to provide grip in replacing tooth or bridge. A dental implant is a good choice for the people having tooth decay, injury, disease or lost a tooth.

Dental implant is known as a best permanent replacement when both the root and tooth are damaged. Dental implant in combination with ceramic crown is best. This combination provides tooth appearance and function just like natural tooth. An artificial tooth that looks like to the natural tooth in size, shape, and colour is known as ceramic crown. A ceramic crown has replaced any damaged or destroyed tooth with fully functional normal tooth. Dental implant is one-piece implant, in which all the components are inserted as a single unit and provides full functioning teeth in minimum treatment time and less pain.

A dental implant has a various advantages

A dental implant replaces a single tooth without affecting the health of adjacent teeth. This single tooth is same in looking and functioning as natural teeth.
The treatment of loss of teeth includes a tooth supported fixed bridge, which is implanted with the support of cemented bridge
This treatment preserves bone as it replaces tooth root.
Dental implant integrates with the jawbone and helps to keep bone intact and healthy.
A dental implant is easier and esthetic to keep clean than a bridge in a long term.

Benefits of dental implant

  • Lifelong stable solution for teeth
  • Excellent appealing results
  • Instantly functioning teeth

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